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    Rebirth Through Ritual: The Radical Road to Self-Love

    Guided by Emmanuelle Blanc

    Location: Taksu Spa Wellness Center - Ubud, Kirana Pavilion
    Dates: Saturday, 25th May & Sunday, 26th May
    Time: 8.30 AM to 4.30 PM
    Pricing: IDR 3,750K regular price

    (16 hours total)
    Includes: Journal, cacao ceremony, materials, all activities

    Are you ready to harness transformation, ignite your inner fire, dissolve barriers to love, reclaim your soul’s richest desires, let rituals unlock your true essence, journey beyond limits, and awaken deep-seated potential?

    My work is to uncoach, unteach, uncondition you through a transformative journey that dismantles your inherited narratives, liberates your true essence, and awakens the dormant power within your soul. I am a catalyst for transformation, igniting the inner fires of self-discovery and empowerment in every heart I touch.

    This path focuses on revealing the magnificence that has always resided within you, obscured by layers of societal impositions and self-imposed limitations. In this sacred space, I am committed to guiding you through a process of unteaching, uncoaching, and unlearning.

    Self-love LifeShift Workshop: Shattering Limited Beliefs with Every Insight, Experiencing Profound Epiphanies of Self-Worth, Unmasking your Shadow of Self-doubt, Dropping your Mask, Overcoming Inner Critics, and Silencing Self-Negative Talk.

    Have you ever secretly prayed for the courage to shed your masks, confront your deepest fears, and reclaim the throne of your life? I know. You are not alone.

    Day 1

    Cacao Ceremony Opening Ritual - Seed intentions and open hearts to begin the transformative journey.

    Record Voice Self-Love Guided Meditation - Engage in a personalized meditation to affirm self-love and initiate introspection.

    Shattering Limited Beliefs with Every Insight - Challenge and overcome limiting beliefs to pave the way for new perspectives.

    Overcoming Inner Critics and Silencing Self-Negative Talk - Develop rituals to combat internal criticism and nurture positive self-talk.

    Experiencing Profound Epiphanies of Self-Worth - Discover and welcome the intrinsic value within through reflective exercises.

    Unmasking Your Shadow of Self-doubt - Explore and acknowledge underlying doubts, revealing hidden strengths.

    Inner Child Healing - Connect with and heal your inner child, releasing old wounds to make space for new growth.

    Navigate the Spectrum of Your Emotions - Transform emotions into catalysts for growth through guided exercises.

    Emotional Release through Movement Ritual - Engage the body to release emotional blockages and restore energy flow.

    Day 2

    Harness Personal Truths and Foster Emotional Healing - Deepen understanding of personal truths and continue the healing process.

    Labyrinth of Trust - Navigate a labyrinth to deepen self-trust and collective connection, guiding each other to confront and transcend personal barriers.

    Unlock Inner Strength and Confidence - Build resilience and self-assurance through empowering activities.

    Discover Your True Essence & Awaken Your Potential - Delve deeper into your core identity and capabilities, inspiring new possibilities.

    Ignite Your Inner Fire & Reclaim Your Soul’s Richest Desires - Motivate and inspire yourself to pursue your deepest passions and desires.

    Self-Esteem & Self-Love: Cultivate a Loving and Accepting

    Relationship with Yourself - Employ sacred rituals to enhance self-acceptance and love.

    Cultivating Resilience and Celebrating New Beginnings - Focus on building resilience and recognizing the joy in new opportunities and beginnings.

    Closing Ceremony