45 Card Deck Journal

Introducing the 45 CARD DECK JOURNAL from the Guidebook by Emmanuelle Blanc!

Pairing perfectly with the Recreate Yourself 45 Card Deck and Guidebook.
This journal is designed to be your companion in personal growth and self-discovery.

Each time you pull a card from the deck, the journal invites you to deeply connect with the messages it holds, allowing you to answer empowering questions that ignite introspection and insight.

This versatile journal comes as a fillable PDF, which means you can use it endlessly.

Simply make a copy of the original blank version, and you have a fresh start every time you want to journal anew.

When purchased separately, the journal provides empowering questions for each card statement, enabling you to take a proactive role in your personal development journey.

However, when you choose to buy the journal along with the 45 Card Deck, you unlock the full experience! 

The Importance of Journaling with the 45-Card Deck Journal

Journaling is not just a mere record-keeping exercise; it is a profound tool that fosters self-awareness and personal growth.

When you engage in journaling, you create a sacred space for your thoughts and feelings.

It helps in unearthing the layers of your consciousness, aiding in self-reflection.
Journaling acts as a mirror, reflecting your innermost desires, goals, and values.

It allows you to understand the patterns in your thoughts and behavior, which is invaluable in making deliberate changes and choices in life.

Through journaling, you build a bridge between your thoughts and actions. Cultivating mindfulness and presence, and eventually steering your life in the direction that aligns with your true self.

Embark on a transformative journey with the Recreate Yourself 45 Card Deck Journal.
Seek guidance, embrace your authentic self, and unlock the power within.

Whether you are a digital nomad, mom, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, healer, yogi, artist, leader, or go-getter. 

This journal is your ally in excavating the treasures that lie within your sacred body temple.

The journal is a companion to the Recreate Yourself 45 Card Deck and Guidebook.
It is designed for personal growth and self-discovery.

Turn Your Queries into Clarity.