Rebirth Through Ritual: The Radical Road to Self-Love

aksu Spa Wellness Center - Ubud, Kirana Pavilion

Saturday, 25th May & Sunday, 26th May 2024

9 AM to 4 PM


From the grounding "Rooting in Reality Ritual" to the transformative "Soaring Spirit Ceremony

An innovative workshop centered on ritualistic journaling.
Delve into profound self-discovery through personalized rituals and meticulously crafted templates, guiding you on a transformative journey of self-love.

The core of this workshop is a guided journal that serves as both a compass and companion, empowering you to document your path to self-love through rituals. This innovative approach elevates journaling into a dynamic tool for empowerment, engagement, and transformation.

From harnessing personal truths and releasing past traumas to cultivating resilience and celebrating new beginnings, this workshop offers a holistic approach to self-discovery and inner work. 

Designed with intention and care, each ritual in this workshop serves as a guide for you on your multifaceted journey of self-love, emotional healing, and personal growth. 



As the Spirited Empowerment Catalyst and Evolving Soulful Self-Love Guide, I journey alongside seekers, empowering them to unveil their true selves, authentic voices, and purpose. Trusting my intuition as my compass and nurturing with self-love as my guiding force, I stir deep emotions, igniting breakthroughs and liberation. Present and attuned to Being, I weave transformative rituals, including the self-love magic mirror ceremony.

Founder of Unleash Your Inner Wealth, I inspire individuals from all walks of life, including spiritual seekers, digital nomads, mentors, women empowerment advocates, sacred medicine practitioners, entrepreneurs, moms, coaches, artists, and spiritual leaders, to embody authenticity and manifest their heartfelt desires. With profound wisdom and compassion, I empower them on their transformative paths.

As a Recreated Queen and spirited guide, I have facilitated over 150 transformative journeys, infusing wisdom from diverse cultures. My own evolution from suburban to urban, high-heeled to barefoot, mirrors the spirited phoenix rising. Dedicated to guiding you on the path of self-discovery and inner wealth, my workshop, "Recreate Your Reality: Rituals to Unleash Self-Love & Inner Wealth," serves as a guiding star to explore your authentic self and inner essence.

My Rebirth Through Ritual: The Radical Road to Self-Love program, online course, retreats, workshops leads participants through a transformative process that promises unexpected breakthroughs, realization, and the awakening of strength, wisdom, liberation, and potential, realigning them with their heart's desires.

My mission is to uncoach, unteach, and uncondition you through a transformative journey that dismantles your inherited narratives, liberates your true essence, and awakens the dormant power within your soul.

As a catalyst for transformation, I ignite the inner fires of self-discovery and empowerment in every heart I touch.


Are you ready to harness transformation, ignite your inner fire, dissolve barriers to love, reclaim your soul’s richest desires, let rituals unlock your true essence, journey beyond limits, awaken deep-seated potential?

Rebirth Through Ritual: The Radical Road to Self-Love WITH A Guided Journal

Through journaling prompts, undertaking sensory, introspective, and engaging in reflective exercises to help you connect with your body temple, and rituals to resonate with inner truth and universal wisdom,

"Rebirth Through Ritual: The Radical Road to Self-Love: A Guided Journal"
will align you with the unshakeable love and respect within you and catalyze a profound metamorphosis.

These rituals are practical tools for manifesting wealth, enhancing well-being, and discovering insights that clear emotional blockages.

They harness the power of symbolic actions and intentions to foster real-world changes, embodying a profound approach to transformation and personal fulfillment.

You are invited to engage deeply with personal shadows and illuminate the path through the "Light of Clarity Ritual."


workshop DETAILS

Self Love Cacao Ceremony: An immersive ritual to set intentions and open hearts to the journey ahead.

Seeding Intentions Ritual: Plant the seeds of personal aspirations and future growth.

Essential Oil Manifestation Ritual: Harness the power of aromatherapy to manifest your deepest desires.

Mirror Ritual: Face and embrace your true self, fostering a connection that encourages self-acceptance.

Inner Child Exploration: Connect with and heal your inner child, releasing old wounds to make space for new growth.

Tapping into Your Inner Intuition: Strengthen your internal guidance system through focused practices.

Emotions Release Ritual: A powerful session designed to let go of pent-up emotions and cleanse your emotional palette.

Recording Self Love Guided Meditation: Engage in a meditation that affirms your worth and cultivates deeper self-love.

Blindfolded Rite of Passage: Journey through a transformative experience that challenges and expands your perception.



Breakthroughs and Transformations: Facilitate personal revelations and breakthroughs with dynamic exercises.

Labyrinth of Trust: Navigate a physical or metaphorical labyrinth to deepen trust in oneself and the journey.

Core Values/Needs Assessment: Identify and affirm your core values and needs, integrating them into your daily life.

Share Your Voice with Script Ritual: A vocal empowerment ritual to help you express your true self.

Smudging Ritual: Clear your energy and prepare for renewal with this cleansing ritual.

Drop the Mask: A symbolic act of letting go of the facades we wear.

Letting Go in Ritual with Art: Use art as a medium for expressing and releasing what no longer serves you.

Time Machine: A reflective exercise that allows you to revisit past selves and integrate their lessons.

Sticky Notes of Affirmation: Create and leave behind messages of empowerment for oneself and others.


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Bringing dance & feminine Energetics
90 minutes session to unlock your inner strength, beauty & vitality.
Your body temple is an instrument of magic, release your blocks, dance your emotions, celebrate your inner beauty.

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** Artists and Creatives ** - Women who use creativity in their careers and are seeking deeper inspiration and a stronger connection to their inner selves to enhance their artistic expressions.

** Educators and Coaches ** - Women who mentor or teach others and are looking to deepen their own practices and understanding to better guide their students or clients.

** Women in Transition ** - Women undergoing significant life changes such as career shifts, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, seeking support and transformative practices to navigate these changes.

** Spiritual Seekers ** - Women who are exploring different spiritual paths or deepening their existing spiritual practices and want to integrate new rituals and techniques into their journey.

** Wellness Advocates ** - Women deeply invested in wellness and holistic health who are looking to expand their knowledge and experience in areas like cacao ceremonies and energy cleansing

** Moms seeking personal growth ** - Looking to rediscover or recreate themselves beyond their roles as caregivers.

**Moms interested in emotional healing** - Those who may be processing postpartum emotions or the ongoing challenges of motherhood.

** Holistic  Professionals ** - Women in interesting roles who need to manage emotions, reconnect with themselves, and find inner peace through spiritual and holistic practices/rituals 

** Retirees ** - Women who have entered retirement and are looking for new ways to invest in their personal development and explore new interests.