Sacred Brew of Inner Harmony: Unveil Your Soul's Essence in the Chai Spirit's Ritual



You are invited to embark on a soulful journey with the Chai Spirit's Whispers of the Heart Ritual, a voyage that transcends borders and touches the spirit.

Dive into an experience that goes beyond the senses, where each sip is a story, and each aroma a cherished memory.

With every brew, you reconnect with the vibrant colors of India, with the gentle hum of monsoon rains, and the bustling streets of an age-old bazaar. You are not just tasting chai; you are imbibing a tradition, a memory, a dream.

Guided by Emmanuelle Blanc, who brings her years in India, her memories of European festivals, and her passion for chai into this intimate ritual, you journey through a realm where the spirit of India meets the essence of self-love and intention.

Whether you're an individual, a couple, or part of a group of 5, this ritual welcomes you.

Join me for the Chai Spirit's Whispers of the Heart Ritual and let the warmth of chai and the power of intention guide you to your heart's deepest desires. This isn't just a ritual; it's a journey, a reconnection, a coming home.

Let the soul of chai envelop you.


Discover the Sacred Art of Soulful Sipping

Sip, Reflect, Connect – Ignite the Spirit Within through Chai Mama's Whisper.

Emmanuelle Blanc Cacao Namaste Facilitator

MEET YOUR "Chai MAMA" Spirit's Whispers of the Heart FACILITATOR

Emmanuelle Blanc, revered as the "CHAI MAMA" from her years in the heartland of India, orchestrates the Chai Spirit's Whispers of the Heart Ritual with the finesse of an artisan and the soul of a sage. 

As she stirs the brew and infuses it with powerful self-love chants, she evokes the mesmerizing aura of the Indian bazaars and the monsoon-kissed landscapes.
Every cup of chai, every chant, and every sip is a portal to the spirit of India, offering you a taste of tradition, intention, and profound connection.

In the serene landscape of Bali, she now merges the depth of Indian tradition with powerful self-love intentions, guiding souls to discover the whispers of their hearts.


"Sipped Secrets of the Soul"

I am a radiant vessel of pure love and light.

Every breath I take fuels my inner flame of self-worth.

My soul's voice sings the song of infinite love.

The strength within me is both gentle and powerful.

With each day, I cultivate a deeper bond with my authentic self.

My journey is unique, and my love for myself knows no bounds.

Challenges only highlight the brilliant diamond that I am.

Every reflection of me echoes limitless love and potential.I trust the rhythm of my heart, guiding me on my path.

In the dance of life, I move with grace, intention, and self-appreciation.


Chai, with its deep roots in Indian culture, has been celebrated for centuries as a soulful ritual. The intricate blend of spices and warmth offers a comforting touch, allowing one to connect deeply with inner emotions and memories. With Chai Mama Spirit's Whisper, the ritual evolves into a journey to explore one's spiritual essence, anchoring oneself in the present, and resonating with echoes of ancient traditions and tales.

Journey with the Ritual: Delve into its Depth, Grasp its Essence

  • The Chai Mama Spirit's Whispers of the Heart " IS FOR "

    Those seeking a unique, soul-touching experience.

    Individuals eager to connect with their inner selves.

    Lovers of culture, tradition, and the magic of India.

    Anyone looking for a safe container & sacred space to seed intentions and aspirations.

    The Chai Mama Spirit's Whispers of the Heart " IS NOT FOR"

    Individuals not open to introspection or new experiences.

    Individuals not comfortable with spiritual or reflective practices.

    Allergic to spices

  • Experience a transformative journey over 2 hours.

    Receive a journal to capture your profound insights, intentions, and inspirations.

    Engage with the ancient practices of the self-love sacred medicine wheel.

    Delight in the flavors of the handcrafted Chai Mama brew.

    Cherish a special gift: 300ML of my homemade chai, perfect for the next morning's reflection, helping you anchor in our shared intentions.

  • Feel deeply connected to your innermost desires and aspirations.

    Experience a profound sense of calm and groundedness.

    Revisit cherished memories and weave new dreams.

    Revel in the warmth of self-love and acceptance.

    Celebrate the essence of life, with gratitude and joy.

    Be equipped with renewed energy and clarity.

    Step forward with confidence and an open heart, ready to meet the world.


The journey

  • Create your self love mantra

    Gifting your self love journal before the ceremony, start by creating your self-love mantra

  • Seed your Intentions

    Seeding your intentions for your ceremony and pulling a card from the self-love deck


    You'll share your deepest heart desires during the process of creating your flower mandala ritual


    You'll be smudged and cleansed from the herbs I have dried and blessed during my own ceremony to purify your thoughts, heart and sacred body temple.

in person "CHAI MAMA" ceremony

  • Individual

    For one-on-one setting with the Chai Mama Spirit's Whisper of the Heart Ritual, each sip of the fragrant chai will usher you into a realm of reflection and introspection. As the warmth of the brew fills you, and the intricate blend of spices unfolds, you'll journey through memories and emotions, touching the very essence of your spirit. In the presence of the Chai Mama, and through the ritualistic brewing and chanting, you will be guided to unlock the treasures of self-awareness and deep connection within.

  • couple

    In the Chai Mama Spirit's Whisper of the Heart Ritual for couples, the aromatic chai, with its soulful blend of spices, acts as a bridge, drawing you and your partner closer in shared experience and understanding. As you both sip the brew and feel its warmth, you're invited to reflect, share, and connect on a profound level. The ritual not only celebrates the rich traditions of Indian chai, it also highlights the beautiful intricacies of partnership and love, creating a space for mutual exploration, appreciation, and deepened connection.

  • Group of 5

    In Group of 5 ceremonies, for the Chai Mama Spirit's Whisper of the Heart Ritual, you and the four other seekers set forth on a shared exploration of inner landscapes and spiritual insights. This collective journey of introspection and resonance intertwines destinies and stories, deepening connections. The aromatic chai, brimming with soulful spices, serves as a medium that opens hearts and fosters a space of trust and vulnerability. This sacred communion access new levels of self-awareness and unity, harnessing the transformative essence of the ritual.


Sip and Connect

Awaken to the spirit of Chai Mama Spirit's Whispers of the Heart, a ritual that paints the vibrant colors of India into your soul.

Dive deep into an intimate setting, where every brew brings forth the aroma of organic spices and memories of a land where time stands still.

With me, Emmanuelle Blanc, as your guide, relive the days when the chill of European festivals met the warm embrace of an authentic Indian Chai.

As the spices dance and mingle, we'll seed intentions and evoke your heart's deepest desires. Together, we'll journey through a ceremony that's not just about sipping tea, but about imbibing the essence of self-love, intention, and the vibrant spirit of India.




From the summer 1995, in the city of Den Haag in Holland became my temporary abode. Those sunlit days hold a special place in my heart, not merely as a traveler, also as the "CHAI MAMA" at numerous parties and festivals. As I set up in the chillout zones, the air would soon fill with the heady aroma of Indian spices, drawing inquisitive souls to the flame.

It's hard to imagine now, back then, being a chillout host with such an exotic offering was a novelty. The magic didn't stop at the brew. As the best chillout DJs spun their tracks, I would ground myself in a state of 'ohm', crafting an atmosphere so entrancing that it felt like a slice of India had been transported right there.

As the water bubbled and the spices released their essence, my voice would rise in a mantra, blessing the chai and infusing it with positive intentions. Serving this chai wasn't just about quenching thirst; it was a ritual, a moment of connection between me, the drink, and the person receiving it.

Being recognized and booked for this unique chai experience was both a joy and a means of sustenance. It funded my European sojourns and fueled my dreams of the next Indian adventure. Those days, brimming with chai, chants, and charm, remain among the most cherished chapters of my life's journey.

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Henna Impressions: A Tradition Painted on Skin

Before every event, I would dress in the vibrant patterns of Rajasthani attire, becoming a living reflection of India's rich culture.

Beside me, Claudia, a master of henna artistry, would paint intricate tales onto my skin, her designs a dance of tradition and tale.
Together, we crafted an ambiance that magically teleported every attendee, taking them on a journey straight into the pulsating heart of India.


Draped in Rajasthani Rhythms: A Portal to India's Heart

At the opening of the event, under the spotlight on stage, Claudia and I would gracefully settle into a lotus pose, surrounded by the soft glow of candlelight.

As the ambiance settled into a serene hush, we would guide the collective soul of the gathering into a deep meditation, our voices harmonizing in a soulful mantra.
This was more than just a ritual; it was our sacred initiation, a moment of convergence. The seekers, with bated breath and open hearts, found themselves immersed in an atmosphere of peace, love, connection, and empowerment, setting the vibrational tone for a transformative journey ahead.


Emmanuelle's Quote

  • Chai, ancient and pure, a dance of the soul, a symphony of spices, making the spirit whole. Each sip, a journey, each flavor, a tale, of distant lands, of monsoons, and a fragrant trail. In every brew, memories of a land so grand, India's essence, in the palm of your hand.Oh Chai, with each sip, you bring a part of me, back to the mystic lands, where my spirit flies free.

    Emmanuelle Blanc