"Sublime Drift of Self-Love: Unravel Your Heart's Symphony in the Sacred Aquatic Cacao Rite"

"Float, Nurture, Harmonize – Awaken the Love Within"

Emmanuelle Blanc Cacao Namaste FacilitatorEmmanuelle Blanc Cacao Namaste Facilitator


Emmanuelle Blanc, a masterful facilitator of the Floating Sacred Cacao Namaste Ceremony, weaves a tapestry of celestial connection and heart-opening transformation, guiding her clients through a mystical, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Her intuitive wisdom and deep spiritual connection illuminate a path toward profound self-love, as participants transcend the limitations of the mundane and dive into the depths of their innermost being.

Inspired by the heartfelt testimonials of her clients, Emmanuelle's gift lies in her ability to create a sacred space where vulnerability and trust converge, allowing participants to open their hearts and unleash their boundless capacity for love and compassion. Emmanuelle's unwavering dedication to her craft, along with her unique blend of sacred cacao and soothing water, allows for a truly magical experience.

Her passion as a facilitator, coupled with her innate ability to connect with her clients' spirits, leaves them feeling inspired, empowered, and deeply connected to their inner selves. This intimate, immersive ceremony is tailored to your unique needs and desires, providing a sacred space for reflection, growth, and spiritual evolution.

The personalized guidance and support provided by Emmanuelle Blanc, the expert facilitator, will lead you to experience a deeper connection with your true essence, empowering you to cultivate self-acceptance, resilience, and inner harmony. Embracing this transformative journey with Emmanuelle will unveil the vast potential of your heart and spirit, unlocking the keys to a life rich in love, connection, and spiritual growth.


Cacao has been revered as a sacred medicine for centuries, offering a unique and powerful heart-opening experience.
The cacao's natural properties help to dissolve barriers, allowing you to fully embrace the healing energy of love and compassion. As a heart-opener, cacao facilitates deeper connections and emotional intimacy, providing a perfect space to explore the transformative power of self-love and spiritual growth.

Certified Cacao ceremony Facilitator

Emmanuelle Blanc, a Certified Cacao Ceremony Facilitator, is revered for her deeply immersive and transformative ceremonies.

Her training, nestled in the tranquil embrace of Sidemen, with the gentle murmur of the river and the ethereal flutter of butterflies, has endowed her with a profound understanding of plant medicine.

Her pièce de résistance, the “Heart’s Whisper”, is a signature floating ceremony, intricately woven with her adept knowledge and effervescent passion for serving others.

Participants in Emmanuelle's ceremonies are embraced by an aura of serenity and connectedness, as they embark on a journey through the sacred realms of their own hearts under her nurturing guidance.

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in person ceremony

  • Individual

    For one-on-one ceremonies, partaking in this divine elixir will guide you on a transformative journey to the depths of your heart, awakening a profound sense of self-love and compassion. As you immerse yourself in the nurturing energies of the sacred cacao and the soothing embrace of water, you will discover the boundless potential of your inner spirit.

  • couple

    In couple ceremonies, the cacao's natural properties dissolve barriers, allowing you and your partner to fully embrace the healing energy of love and compassion, forging an even deeper bond. As a heart-opener, cacao facilitates deeper connections and emotional intimacy, providing a perfect space for individuals and couples alike to explore the transformative power of self-love and spiritual growth.

  • Group of 4

    In Group of 4 ceremonies, together, you and the 3 participants embark on a collective journey of self-discovery and inner healing. The shared experience deepens connections, as the cacao expands hearts and creates a space of trust and vulnerability. Through the communal exchange of love and compassion, individuals unlock new dimensions of self-awareness and unity, amplifying the transformative potential of the sacred elixir.


The journey

  • Create your self love mantra

    Gifting your self love journal before the ceremony, start by creating your self-love mantra

  • Seed your Intentions

    Seeding your intentions for your ceremony and pulling a card from the self-love deck

  • Blessed and Prayers

    Walking the path to receive your cacao and blessing

  • sipping the home made cacao

    Letting the magic of the sacred medicine in your sacred temple

  • absorption floating with music

    Float, absorb the cacao medicine and listen to your prayers, and the music played along

  • closing heart to heart ceremony

    Share your share with closing words, experience, insights and gratitude


grateful for

  • Oh, Cacao, divine elixir of the heart. A sacred medicine, a gift from the start. Your tender whispers, a love's sweet embrace, awaken our spirits, our souls interlace. In ancient wisdom, your power unfolds, unlocking secrets, as the heart gently molds. A healing balm, a connection so deep,In the sanctuary of love, our spirits shall leap.

    Emmanuelle Blanc

let it flow

Awaken your senses and transcend to a realm of divine self-love with our Floating Sacred Cacao Namaste Ceremony.

This enchanting, one-of-a-kind experience embraces your spirit as you gently float, enveloped by the tender embrace of water – the element of life and purification.

Unleash your heart's deepest potential and connect profoundly with your true essence as you partake in a mesmerizing cacao ritual infused with sacred intentions, powerful prayers, and a heart-opening embrace of love.

You will journey through this transformative, empowering ceremony, unlocking the boundless love and compassion that resides within you."



5* in the universe

The cacao touched my lips like a prayer. The authenticity of Emmanuelle’s passion as a facilitator and how she serves is inspirational and admirable, it was an unforgettable experience


Water is the source of all life, has the power to absorb prayers, purify and bestow good medicine. Experiencing this ritual in the water was extremely therapeutic and heart opening. The water allowed me to really surrender to the magical powers of cacao medicine.