I see you

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I love to capture the unique qualities, personality, and style that make you who you are. It's about using my iPhone camera to tell a story about yourself, your life, and your experiences in a way that is authentic and memorable.

Expert at seeing what you may not see in you. Through body language, sounds, rebirthing in a rose petal bathtub, breathing, feelings, and emotions. I SEE YOU

I am acknowledging your presence and recognize you. I am paying attention to you or that I understand you on a deeper level.

To capture your iconic essence in iPhoneography, I experiment with different angles, tools, environments, lighting, and backgrounds to create images that showcase your individuality.

Capturing your iconic essence in iPhoneography is about expressing yourself through your photos and creating images that are both beautiful and meaningful. It's a way to share your perspective with the world and create a visual record of your life that reflects who you are and what you value.

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